Guide To Green Living

As a young professional or new graduate student, it can feel like you’re juggling a hundred different things. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find time to dedicate to the hobbies or lifestyle choices that you care about. While green living may not be at the forefront of your priorities, there are choices that you can make every day to make a meaningful difference in your environment.

If you are interested in making eco-friendly choices, the tips in this guide to green living are simple and practical to implement every day. Participating in these following practices will help the environment, not just while you’re at Penn State off campus housing but long afterward.

Limit Wasted Paper

One of the simplest yet most-effective ways to help the environment is to reduce the amount of paper thrown away. Unsubscribe from companies that send you multiple advertisements in the mail every month, and register to pay your bills online.

  • Don’t be one of those grad students with huge binders filled with notes on countless pieces of paper. If you take notes on your computer, not only will you be saving trees, but your notes will be neater and easier to access.
  • Many people find a never-ending supply of receipts at the bottom of their purses, briefcases, and backpacks. You can avoid this by asking your cashier if your receipt can be emailed instead.
  • When you do have paper that needs to be disposed of, don’t just throw it away. Instead, ask the management at your State College apartments if they have recycling options available to residents.

Use Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

You may think you are being productive by taking the time to regularly clean your PSU off campus housing. However, if you choose traditional cleaners, you are introducing many harsh toxins into the environment. Instead, look for non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners, which are available at most grocery stores. If you’re living on the tight budget that most graduate students and recent graduates are, you can look up simple recipes online to make your own natural cleaning products that use supplies that are a fraction of the cost.

Consider Your Form Of Transportation

Though you may be tempted to drive to campus or work every day, consider environmentally-friendly alternatives. The city of State College has a bus system that you can use to get to campus or work. You can also choose student apartments near PSU, such as The Metropolitan State College, that are close to the campus and other amenities. This enables you to take advantage of both the beneficial health and environmental impacts that walking or biking provide.

Minimize Energy Consumption

One of the most important aspects of living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is to limit the use of fossil fuels. Lower energy consumption by turning off lights, devices and electronics when not in use. Unplug unused electronics to cut off the use of energy.

You can also opt for more mild temperatures in your Penn State off campus housing. In the winter, turn your thermostat down two degrees, and in the summer, adjust it two degrees warmer than your normal setting. These tips will not only help you protect the environment but will also save money on monthly utility bills.

Go Green At Your State College Apartment

When you decide to live a lifestyle that benefits the environment, you don’t have to sacrifice time and money. The Metropolitan State College is optimal for green living — our luxury apartments are well insulated, which reduces the amount of wasted energy. Our convenient location also allows you to get to campus on foot. Contact us today for a tour of our spa-like amenities and stylish apartments.

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