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National Trend in Luxury Student Apartments

In recent years, college towns have experienced an increase in the number of luxury student apartment complexes being built. After graduating from undergraduate programs, students are finding that these luxurious facilities are able to meet their needs. Graduate students can enjoy a shortened commute, live in an academic focused environment and utilize amenities that can simplify a busy lifestyle. For people who have just graduated and are beginning their career, luxury housing acts as a nice transition because residents are all around the same age and the many apartment features will help young professionals establish their new lifestyle. Companies have responded to this desire by continuing to build more luxury apartments. With so many luxury State College apartments available, it is important to note that they are not the same. Be sure to check the Metropolitan for spacious, fully-furnished apartments with modern finishes and versatile amenities.

Amenities & Features Offered Through Luxury Student Living

Contrary to popular belief, luxury State College student housing is not merely composed of amenities that promote relaxation and entertainment. While the Metropolitan does offer plenty of exciting activities, our goal is to create an environment that will best enable residents to have a well-rounded life. We believe that all aspects of life are important in achieving success and maintaining happiness. Below is a list of elements found in luxury student living.

Fitness Centers

In order to maintain both your health and happiness, doctors recommend that people exercise at least three times a week. Luxury PSU apartments attempt to facilitate this lifestyle by providing state-of-the-art equipment. The Met provides both a cardio studio and a weight room to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are a busy grad student, have no fear. Our conveniently located fitness center will help you stay in shape so you don’t have to go to the crowded gyms on campus. If you are a professional, you will no longer have access to student fitness centers, but when you live at the Metropolitan, you will have unlimited use of our workout facilities.

Convenient Location & Parking

Commuting can be frustrating and time consuming. Truly luxurious living involves minimizing discomfort as much as possible. Therefore, in order to have a positive and enjoyable living situation, luxury apartments are located close to campus and provide ample parking for its tenants. The Met is situated within walking distance of campus and offers a parking garage so residents never have to worry about finding a spot.

Deluxe Apartment Units

The quality of your individual living space should take priority because you will be spending the majority of your time there. Superior Penn State University student housing designs their units with their residents in mind with private bedrooms, open common rooms, plenty of storage and furniture packages. High-speed Internet connect is often included, which is vital to both grad students and professionals who rely on the Internet to complete research and work from home. Professionals can lay the foundation for adult life by completing household chores with a full washer and dryer in each unit and stylish, stainless steel appliances.

Clubhouses & Pools

Whether you are a student or have a career, you need to be able to relax as well. Grad students and professionals are finding that luxury apartments hold the answer. These housing options provide clubhouses that feature flat-screen TVs and game rooms that are perfect for a fun night in. If you want to spend time outdoors, these facilities offer resort-style pools and an accompanying outdoor terrace, which is excellent for tanning. When it gets too cold, many luxury apartments allow you free access to tanning beds so you can maintain a summer glow even during the winter. Residents find that when they indulge in these stress-free activities, they are able to be more focused and motivated when they sit down to work later.

Computer Lounges

Student apartments near PSU are the perfect choice for graduate students. The academic focused environment provides the tools students need to thrive in their difficult programs. For example, the Met offers a computer lab outfitted with the latest computers and free printing, if you want a change of scenery or your computer breaks down at the last minute. Private study rooms also provide the perfect escape from loud roommates and cold student libraries. Residents can also take advantage of private study rooms and a 24-hour coffee bar for a caffeine boost during long study sessions.


In order for you to truly feel at home, you need to feel safe. That is why luxury apartment complexes provide multiple advanced security measures. This includes controlled access properties and on-site management. Many also opt for electronic key systems because physical keys can easily be lost or copied allowing unwanted guests to access your home.

Contact the Metropolitan in State College, PA

The Metropolitan is located near Penn State University. It offers all of these amenities, but also provides benefits that many other luxury student apartments in State College, PA do not. For instance, there are several retail options located on the first floor. This enables grad students and professionals on the go to get their basic necessities without having to travel to a store off the property. If you are attending graduate school or just graduating and beginning your career, tour the Met to discover your new home.

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