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Forward Mail to Your Student Apartments

When you are moving, it can be difficult to make sure that you fulfill all items on your to-do list and tasks can easily fall through the cracks. However, it is vital that you remember to officially update your address. Otherwise, all of the mail you receive will be sent to someone else. Not only does this include letters and postcards but important financial records and bills. This information could potentially be used to steal your identity so take the time to change your address and forward mail to your new PSU apartments.

Methods to Change Address in State College

The United States Postal Office understands how important it is for you to update your mailing address when you move so they offer three different methods for changing it according to what is most convenient for you. Regardless of which method you prefer, you update the address at least two weeks before your move to ensure your mail reaches its proper destination.

Visit Your Local Post Office in Person

If you want to update your address to reflect your new State College apartments in person, you can visit the State College Post Office. Before you go, print and fill out an address request form. You will also need two forms of identification and proof of residence at your primary address such as a driver’s license, military or university ID, current lease, vehicle registration card, passport or vehicle insurance policy.

Mail in the Updated Address

Another option is to mail in your request for an address change for your future Penn State apartments. In your letter, you will want to include a change of address request form that you have filled out. Additionally, you need to provide two forms of identification and evidence that your current address is your primary residence. These forms of ID may include your driver’s license, passport, university ID, voter registration card, or vehicle insurance policy.

Use the Postal Service Website

Perhaps the quickest option is to visit the Post Office website. Here, you can change your permanent address and temporarily or permanently forward your mail. When you reach the website, you will need to fill out the appropriate information, provide your email address and your credit card number. You will then be charged a one dollar fee in order to verify your identity.

Notify Family & Companies About New State College Address

When you officially change your address, the post office will temporarily forward all mail to your new residence. However, after the set period of time, you are responsible for contacting the people and organizations that are sending you mail and notifying them of the change. Take time to think through the different places that you receive mail from. This may include online stores, banks, utility companies, loan providers, the DMV, magazine subscriptions and loved ones.

Luxury State College Apartments

Once you find the ideal apartments for rent in State College, PA, you will not want to waste time worrying about where your missing packages are or who is receiving your important financial records. After you forward your mail, you can begin enjoying the many amenities The Metropolitan at State College has to offer such as private study rooms, advanced fitness facilities, free tanning services and on-site retail.

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