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Checklist for Moving to State College, PA

Whether you are moving to a new city, out of a dorm or into a different student apartment, moving is a hassle. While it is easy to get swept up into the process, you may forget important steps. Therefore, you should take time to sit down and come up with a list of everything you must accomplish before you move into your Penn State apartments. Here are a list of some of the common aspects students must remember but every individual may need to add steps to suit their specific needs.

Tips for Freshmen Living in State College Apartments

Perhaps the most difficult move you will make is your first. When you are leaving home for the first time, the thought of moving into PSU apartments may seem daunting at first. However, as long as you plan carefully, your experience will be successful. As you are packing up your old room, make sure that you leave behind anything that isn’t necessary. Though your baseball cards and piles of family pictures might remind you of your childhood, they will clutter up your new space. When you arrive at your new apartment, make sure that you walk through your unit to perform a careful inspection. Write down a detailed record of any wear and tear that you may find so you can receive your security deposit back in full when you move out at the end of the year.

Checklist for Students Moving into PSU Off Campus Housing

Though you have been living away from home for a while, living off campus brings with it, its own set of responsibilities. Instead of paying for your rent at the beginning of every semester, you will need to pay it monthly and include a security deposit when you sign your contract.

You will also be required to get utilities for your State College apartments yourself. Contact your utilities provider in advance to set up an account so you will have electricity and water when you move in.

Reminders for Graduate Student Apartments in State College, PA

As a graduate student, there is a good chance that you already know what is entailed in renting a student apartment. However, for you, the experience might be unique because it is the first time that you are choosing to live in luxury apartments in State College, PA. When you switch apartments, don’t forget to update your utility provider. You will need to change the address so you will have power and water when you arrive and shut off the power at your old apartment. Before you move out of your current residence, make sure you thoroughly clean it including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, flooring and walls. If your landlord has to hire cleaning services because you were not thorough, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee. After you move in and unpack, have a conversation with your roommate. This should be a time for both of you to express your expectations and establish rules for the apartment. Now that you are in grad school you will need a quiet living space so you can study and get much needed sleep.

Find the Right Penn State Apartments for Your Lifestyle

When you are deciding between apartments for rent in State College, PA, keep in mind our stylish apartments and luxurious amenities are ideal for every lifestyle. As an added bonus, our apartments near PSU will allow you to get to campus quickly, saving you time and stress. Schedule a tour today to find out what your missing!

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