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Six Events In Six Weeks At The Metropolitan at State College

Oct 18, 2021

The Penn State school year has just begun, and we’re incredibly excited to have a new, fantastic group of residents. To kick off a great year at The Metropolitan at State College, we planned a calendar jam-packed with a variety of residence life events to…
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Welcome Back Week!

Mar 03, 2021

We here at The Metropolitan at State College missed our residents over the holidays and therefore wanted to be sure that upon their return they would have a fun week back! To kick start the week, on Monday we provided the Residents with a SNACK…
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Help Us Contribute to The State College Food Bank!

Nov 05, 2020

We are all busy with the fall semester, and the staff at The Metropolitan at State College are no exception. It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind: virtual school, politics, and COVID-related stress. While we encourage you to practice self-care, it’s…
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Living Near PSU

Jul 28, 2017

Just because you are no longer an undergraduate student does not mean you shouldn’t choose to live in apartments near PSU. Whether you are attending graduate school at Penn State or are beginning your career as a recent graduate, there are many advantages to living close to campus.
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Moving Checklist

Jun 16, 2017

Whether you are moving to a new city, out of a dorm or into a different student apartment, moving is a hassle. While it is easy to get swept up into the process, you may forget important steps...
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How to Forward Your Mail

May 19, 2017

When you are moving, it can be difficult to make sure that you fulfill all items on your to-do list and tasks can easily fall through the cracks...

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